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In addition to import and export of handicraft products of Vietnam, Barotek also implement general trading activities. Providing the products of high economic value and profit to the potential market in the region and over the world as: Machinery – line, transport oversize / overweight, equipment for manufacture,fertilizers and chemicals. In particular, Barotex is the import and supply of materials and machinery and equipment for oil, gas and petrochemical industry. In 2011, face with the difficulty of economy but Barotek proud to contribute their best to create a record surpassed 200 billion of total import export turnover of goods.

Barotex focus on exploring the market areas that have longstanding relationship. On one hand, maintain traditional export markets, on the other hand increased exploitation penetrate new markets. By all means to maintain the market that the company has many years of business. Making price stable over several years to to set customer’s mind at rest on signing contracts.