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In Vietnam Handicraft (Bamboo and Rattan ,…) is smokeless industry, providing high-value collection, Barotex special attention to business and export of Vietnam Handicraft bamboo and rattan products in parallel with other Handicraft products.

Bamboo and Rattan is one of the traditional handicrafts are particularly interested in & encouraged export by the State, because of the tremendous effect on economical-social. The State facilitate the restoring of traditional craft villages and financial aid. The process of international economic integration of Vietnam is taking place more and more robust, helping expand the export of goods, especially in the economic sectors in which are huge markets with great potential for export such as Western Europe, U.S.

For import and export commodities in general and bamboo and rattan in particular, domestic production capacity is ample. Our country has the potential for labour and materials, this is the advantage to produce cheaper goods with high quality, and making competitiveness.

Barotex is specialized in exporting:

  • Art and household articles made of bamboo, rattan, palm leaf, fern and sea grass
  • Rattan seagrass furniture
  • Blinds and curtains of different designs
  • Bamboo and palm leaf table mats
  • Sea grass mats
  • Bamboo and rattan raw material and semi product
  • Ceramic wares
  • Straw carpets.


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