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Food therapy fluctuates due to heat

Abnormal heat are making cooling vegetables such as spinach, melon, vegetables hums, jute vegetables, bitter gourd, gourd, cucumber … disturbances price.

Unlike every day, hot weather this occasion, in the big market or markets … toad, cooling vegetables such as spinach, melon, vegetables hums, jute vegetables, bitter gourd, gourd, cucumber extremely expensive Guest. Many small vegetable stall, new vegetables statement came less than 30 minutes were sold out. Vegetables are expensive like hot cakes because, sunny loud, prolonged so people mostly “hunting” cooling vegetables to soup, boiled for family meals is cooling.

Ms. Peng, selling vegetables at the market urban toad Dang Xa (Gia Lam), said: “Often the wholesale markets in the Sui to take on urban vegetable seller, but this stood for an hour not get tangle spinach does. This sun, the slower is the end, even when it won several new customers from sales “.

According to Ms. Bang, in recent days, in addition to the expensive cooling row vegetables, other vegetables prices also move up. Bitter melon has increased from 10,000 VND 15,000 / kg; Sweet melon rising from 13,000 VND to 20,000 VND / kg; Elected from 12,000 dong rose 17,000 VND / kg, Lemon also rose to 25,000 VND / kg … Through the survey, vegetables spinach sold VND5,000 / tangle, jute vegetables, spinach VND5,000 / tangle.

Ms. Dong, selling vegetables at the market in Dang Xa Urban Area advise guests: “This season vegetables jute, cool melon cooked medium but tasty, easy to eat, cooling”.

Also Nearby vegetables, crab is a popular foods, especially on sunny days like this fire pouring. According to her Magnificat, real crab sold at the market, said: “The cost today 2 new crab, crab 50,000 / 3 ounces. Yesterday guests asked for crab but no sales. Sunny too, though expensive, but still not for sale. ”

According to her Magnificat, the heat so the customer only sour soup with crab popular because it is easy to eat, to cool. Her Magnificat added, so customers should anhydrous reared crab seller always dying to tear the whole crab in the freezer or milled available for sale to customers, the price of 20,000 dong / tael.

Ms. Mo, bartender beverage market toad said: “Part of beverage is very expensive goods, but little hot today, sell vegetables, mussels, clams … and high profits thanks to consistent care for your husband water, her then-boyfriend relationship existing buildings, should enlist for more. Normal boy VND10,000 / kg, now sold at VND15,000 / kg; mussels and snails, insect similar axes … “.

Each fair price, every day a price …

Because heat up the vegetables, food prices. Each fair price, every day a price. Nguyen Cong Tru market, Hanoi, his rights and vegetable shippers worried and said: “If this sunny day add dozens more there when no vegetables to eat because the vegetables will die. Want to sell when there is no source.

UK Rights adds a cost of some items sold: “Sau VND30,000 / kg, spinach VND6,000 / tangle. Sweet melon VND 20,000 / kg. Voting VND18,000 / kg. Cucumbers VND20,000 / kg. Amaranth VND20,000 / kg or 5,000 VND / tangle “.

Mrs. Hoa sells real crab next to his vegetable shop Rights, said: “Just run away to buy the crocodile, perception is 30,000 VND / kg, nobody expected much from each other that the other side stalls selling vegetables VND 40,000 / kg. Son sold 17,000 VND / kg; Garbage available crab 20,000 / ounce. ”

Also at the market day (Hanoi), she sold vegetables Russia also said: “The general situation is hot so cool dry vegetables, increasing prices. Also accompanied by other types of price increases from 20-40%, such as crocodiles, bitter gourd, cucumber, melon sweet. Particularly live crab is 18,000 dong / tael, grind genuine crab is 35,000 / ounce. ”

Who for years sold their vegetables compartment Phung (Thanh Xuan), Ms. Hien said: “A few days sunny, cool vegetables very expensive hotel, easy to sell. A polished layout is clean all vegetables. So one must go to the market earlier than usual time to buy a lot more vegetables. Buy more vegetables, higher prices, so even more tired than usual, but still prefer for adding decent income “.

In fact, the people of Hanoi are struggling to live under the blazing sun 40 degrees C, so the dining and living with many upset. She Soi (lane 29, Truong Han Sieu) said: “This sun did not want to eat anything, meat, fish are very fed up and scared look. Just crave sour soup to slurp chan, maybe Crab soup, sour soup crocodile, or bowl spinach, vegetable jute melon … was found easy to swallow. But today few grocery, vegetable prices themselves quite confused, not knowing which way was … “.

The reason for this sudden price increases, she Minh City – Nguyen Cong Tru market selling vegetables, said: “sunshine too should die vegetables, but vegetables buyer again spike”.

Due to hot weather should last for several days over the vegetables, food prices gained a “falling rain water.” Homemaker to note preparing nutritious foods to ensure the health of family members. Also need to awake to avoid falling into the “trap price chaos” of vegetables and food while living ttrong these days … sunny, warm fire in the pan, the oil cauldron.


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