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Gold price starting this week goes under 35 mil/tael

Open session this week, gold is still trading below the mark of 35 million / tael, virtually unchanged compared with the previous trading session.

Specifically, at 8 am, 1/6, Saigon VBDQ listed their SJC price in HCM City at 34.89 to 34.95 million / tael. In Hanoi, DOJI announced purchase price of SJC gold was 34.91 million / tael, and buying at 34.95 million / tael.

Differences purchase price – selling in HCMC remained unchanged at 60,000 dong / tael in Hanoi and 40,000 VND / tael, narrower than the previous closing (80,000 VND / tael).

Converted into Vietnamese currency at the exchange rate USD1 = 21,830 dong Vietcombank, current world gold equivalent 31.68 million / tael.

This price is lower than SJC policy about 3.27 million water / tael.Theo Kitconews, on the world market, delivered June Comex gold price is currently listed as $ 1189.4 / oz, slipped from $ 1,200 mark / oz was set last week.

Analysts said that gold prices tend to rise in the short term due to the constant fluctuations of the greenback.