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Export peaks, trade deficit drops to 2 billion USD

Vietnam Customs’s latest data shows a steady maintenance of export value at 13,35 US billion this April, equals last month’s calculation. Meanwhile, import value decreases 10.4%, reaching 13,2 US billion.

During this year’s first 4 months, accumulatively Vietnam’s export value has peaked at 49.69 US billion, an increase of 6,9%; while import value has shown a 16.6% added to the same period of 2014, an amount of 51.77 US billion.


Thus, within April Vietnam’s surplus amount has reached approximately 150 US billion, a big help to trade deficit during the first 4 months of 2 US billion. Before, this number was estimated at 3 US billion by General Statistics Office of Vietnam.


According to Vietnam Customs, this is the certain result of 7 US billion goods trading value during April’s final half, a 10,2% increase comparing with the month’s first half. Remarkably, mobiles and devices; crude oil, textiles, footwear, computer… are the most prosperous goods. Meanwhile import value of April’s final half has decreased 15,6%, with an amount of 6.08 US billion. Importing computers, devices, mobiles,… has overall been reduced.