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Vietnam impresses Argentinian scholar

Vietnam’s recent economic progress has earned the admiration of Ezequiel Ramoneda, Coordinator of the Centre for Southeast Asian Studies at Argentina’s National University of La Plata.

In his interview with the Spanish version of the BBC, Ramoneda said among Southeast Asian nations, Vietnam was the biggest exporter to the US in 2014.

He also quoted statistics that Vietnam saw an increase in foreign-direct-investment capital, boasted a 67 percent growth in January and the country is emerging as the top destination for Asian investors.

According to the scholar, the nation’s young workforce, strategic geopolitical position, and long-term economic plans are the major contributing factors to the positive economic outcomes.

He also approved the Southeast Asian country’s policy to diversify export commodities, ranging from agricultural products to industrial and electronic products.

He noted that Vietnam now is the main production base of many multinational companies such as the Republic of Korea’s phone producer Samsung and Japan’s printer making company Kyocera.

Looking forward, Vietnam needs to invest in science and technology to increase product added values as well as develop Vietnamese-brand products, Ramoneda suggested.-VNA


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