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Vietnam, Singapore trade grows 20 percent in 2014

Vietnam-Singapore trade hit 15.6 billion USD (20.4 billion SGD) in 2014, a 20.3 percent surge from 2013, according to the Singapore Department of Statistics.

Vietnam shipped its partner around 3.1 billion USD (4.05 billion SGD) worth of commodities, up 22.4 percent. Primary exports include telephones and electronics goods and components, which brought home 987 million USD (1.32 billion SGD) last year. Other key export products include minerals, coffee, tea, footwear, machines and crude oil.

Singapore’s export to Vietnam also rose significantly, up 20.1 percent to 12.75 billion USD (16.34 billion SGD) last year. Domestic products comprised 5.46 billion USD (7.3 billion SGD), up 18.7 percent, with the remaining exports consisting of the sale of re-exports, up 21.2 percent.

Singapore mainly ships telephones, electronics goods and components, petroleum, plastic and plastic products, books, and photos to Vietnam