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Regional specialties introduced in Hanoi

Over 100 enterprises from 40 provinces and cities will display their products at a regional specialty expo at the Royal City Vincom shopping centre in Hanoi on November 28-29.
Vice Director of the Hanoi Department of Trade and Commerce Tran Thi Phuong Lan told to the press on November 11 that the event aims to promote the consumption of regional food in Hanoi and connect producers, distributors and consumers.

150 booths in six different exhibition areas will feature regional specialties, culinary art, rural markets, coffee and tea, ornamental plants and commercial trade.

The two-day event will provide an opportunity for exhibitors to advertise their products and promote their regions’ cultural features.

A number of side events will also take place, such as workshops on added value and brand development, a regional specialty and a trade conference to link enterprises in Hanoi with other provinces and cities.



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