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Vietnamese tuna auctioned in Japan

(VOV) -The first batch of tuna from Binh Dinh province processed utilizing modernised technology and the composite boats provided by Japanese Yanmar Company was put up for auction in Japan on August 8.

Two days ago, Japanese tuna experts examined the quality of 37 first tuna caught near Vietnam’s Truong Sa (Spratly) archipelago using the latest technology and equipment. The examination showed that 9 tuna, weighing 448 kg in total, met the quality standard for export. The qualified tuna were then sent directly to Japan for the August 8 auction.

All Vietnamese tuna at the Osaka auction centre were purchased at differing prices, ranging from VND50,000/kg (250 JPY/kg) to VND420,000/kg (2,100 JPY/kg).

Japanese experts say Vietnamese fishermen need to apply the latest post-harvest technology to ensure their tuna sell well in Japan.


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