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Vietnamese businesses eye northern Lao market

 (VOV) - Entrepreneurs in Hanoi are eagerly seeking out cooperation partners from Laos and are particularly keen on entering into business deals with partners from Luang Prabang province.

The statement was made on July 8 by Mai Thi Thuy, Hanoi Women Entrepreneurs Association Chairwoman, at an exchange between Vietnamese and Lao businesses organized by Consulate General of Vietnam in Laos.

“Over the past 19 years Vietnamese businesses have highly penetrated the northern Lao market in all sectors of the economy,” she said.

At the conference, Vietnamese and Lao delegates highly appreciated the importance of promoting trade and investment in all aspects, especially in the fields of production, tourism and services in Laos’ northern provinces. There was general consensus that this was an opportunity for businesses to exchange, and seek ways to boost trade, investment, and mutual assistance for co-development.

Vietnamese businesses have poured approximately US$302 million (equivalent to 5.9% of Vietnam’s total investment in Laos) into 127 investment projects of in northern Laos.


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