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Vietnam-China border trade hits US$2.61bln in H1

(VOV) -Border trade value between the two countries jumped 13% to US$2.61 billion in the first six months of the year, according to the Vietnam-China border trade steering board.

During the period, border trade, with monthly growth averaging 4%, accounted for over 24% of the total bilateral trade turnover between the two countries and resulted in a surplus of US$800 million.

Major exports were agro-forestry and seafood products while major imports included input materials and fuels for the production of machinery and equipment, means of transport, electronic products, food, consumer products and electricity.

Rice was the export staple grossing the highest earnings in the reviewed period. A total of 529,000 tonnes of rice worth US$198 million was exported to China.  Around 97% of rice was shipped to China through the sub-border gate in northern Lao Cai province.

Nearly 96,385 tonnes of fresh litchi and over 152,600 tonnes of watermelon were exported to China via main border gate pairs, fetching US$62.2 million and US$9.1 million, respectively.

According to Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Nguyen Cam Tu, poor infrastructure, including a system of warehouses, is the biggest obstacle to border trade between Vietnam and China.


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