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Hanoi’s CPI increases by 0.18% in July

(VOV) -The Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Hanoi for July accelerated 0.18% over the previous month and 6.39% over the same period last year, according to the Municipal Statistics Office.

There were across the board increases in the prices of goods and services in all the baskets of goods for the month, with the exception of the post and telecom group, which remained relatively unchanged.

Foodstuffs and dining-out services rose by 0.42% and 0.21% against June, respectively.

Prices of housing-electricity-fuel-construction materials went up 0.53%.

Transport costs also surged 0.51% on the back of an increase in the price of petroleum and gas.

By contrast, food prices nosedived 2.26% due to an oversupply on the market.

Both gold and the US dollar prices increased slightly, 1.97% and 0.56% compared to the previous month, respectively.


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