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Wood export has many advantages

Thus, despite still having difficulties due to the economic downturn , but the wood processing industry continues to maintain impressive growth with the number 2 .
Due to the recession affecting the European market , rising prices are not competitive , much of the water plant processing illustrious furniture world like Italy , Germany , U.S. producers have narrowed or closed , while the processed wood products in China has been the U.S. imposed anti -dumping , loss of competitive advantage , which is not to mention the labor of the wood processing industry is no longer the advantage of China . This is an opportunity for the wood processing industry Vietnam market expansion and market share .
According to Nguyen Chien Thang , Executive Director Scansia Pacific Company , former chairman of the Vietnam Handicraft and Wood HCMC ( Hawa ) , the wood processing plant of European countries , the United States has advanced equipment , all businesses ( DN ) is ready to resell, and send experts to train , coach and first -time operation .
It can be said that the opportunity for Vietnam enterprises access the latest equipment wood processing industry in advanced countries with moderate prices . The problem is that the government should have a policy package to support the purchase of this equipment , because most of the wood processing industry enterprises are small and medium in the form .
Meanwhile , Huynh Van Hanh , deputy chairman of Hawa said that Vietnam is the 6th largest country in the world in exports of wood products , the 2nd Asia after China and the first in Southeast Asia , but exports to $ 5.5 billion , Vietnam’s wood processing sector only accounts for 1.5 % market share in the world exports of wood . Compared with the 10 largest furniture exporter , Vietnam is a country with many advantages in production , labor , centralized processing area with a radius of about 50km …
Typical Southeast region and Ho Chi Minh City . The potential of the sector and opportunities abound. If there are appropriate policy development , Vietnam’s wood processing industry could raise annual export market share from 1.5 % to 5 % in the next dozen years , the equivalent of $ 15 billion . Particularly in 2014 , furniture exports may rise 20 % to over $ 6.5 billion .
The domestic market flourishes
Many people are not ideal for timber exports in the future with such a high figure . But those long years of work and dedication in wood processing is that this number is not dreaming and if the State had a more comprehensive view of the industry , the wood processing industry quite enough conditions become a spearhead economic sector .
If supported by the state’s policies to help support industry development to deliver equipment and materials for the wood processing industry exports , it is considered that purely illusory reality . Hawa has on this ambitious project to report to HCMC leaders with recommendations and specific steps .
Meanwhile , according to a survey by the organizers at the local Furniture Fair 2013 home Vifa ( May 11-2013 ) , though still modest when total spot transactions is 16 billion, but increased to 30.3 % compared with the same period last year the fair .
This is specialized furniture fair new local organization in recent years but such growth shows that domestic furniture market there are significant changes in recent years . The Vifa home businesses through faster access to consumers and construction .
According to a survey of foreign independent company , with the scale of 90 million people , Vietnam commercial furniture 4 last year about 19.8 billion USD / year .
In particular , the furniture consumption of urban residents account for about 30 % of households and 40 % for new construction projects ; The remaining 30 % market share of 70 % of the population is rural . It is known that , prior to the economic downturn , domestic commercial furniture around $ 3 billion / year . With this recovery , domestic consumption this year is likely to reach $ 2 billion or more .
However, according to Hawa , the difficulty of the wood processing industry remains , apart from the problem itself every enterprise must resolve as skilled labor , manufacturing technology , internal transport , control costs on … on the national level there are a number of challenges to face : Improving the efficiency ratio and reduce the cost of timber transport by intermediate producers ( the artificial boards , laminated wood … ) in the region intensive plantation ; timber legality and accountability origin ; and control of goods temporarily imported for re-export origin after Vietnam signed TPP …
This is the challenge of not only companies but also the challenges of water management as TPP effect and the Asean region became common economic community by 2015.

International Furniture Fair and exporting Vietnam art, Vifa-EXPO 2014 by the Department of Trade and Industry and the HCM City Handicraft and Wood (Hawa) takes place from 11-3 to 14-3 at Expo Center and Saigon Exhibition (SECC) in District 7. 141 enterprises participated with over 625 booths, up 3% from the previous year. As to the 2nd point in the chain of furniture fairs of AFIC Southeast Asian (Asean Furniture Show Circuit), after Malaysia’s Fair EFE, Vifa-EXPO International 2014 pickup prior to visiting other fairs in the region . This is an opportunity but also a challenge for companies to introduce the character of the product. The organizers said the companies had 700 visitors from 50 countries and territories registered to visit.


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