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Export of handicrafts and expanding to EU

Vietnam exported rattan bamboo, sedge to 18 countries, including the United States achieved the highest turnover, 8.3 million, accounting for 28.9% market share, up 8.65% compared to May 2 2013, alone 2/2014, the exports to the U.S. declined in value over the first months of the year, down 40.06%, equivalent to 3.1 million.

Market turnover reached second largest after the United States, Japan, reached 7.1 million, up 40.65%; Germany followed by $ 4.3 million, an increase of 10.26% over the same period last year …

Notably, exports to Belgium but market turnover reached only 706 thousand dollars, but with the strongest growth, up 48%.

Preliminary statistics of the export market GDC rattan, bamboo, sedge mats 2 January 2014 – Unit: USD


Export turnover T2/2014


Export turnover 2T/2014


Export turnover 2T/2013

% +/- turnover over the same period
Turnover total 14.821.006 28.985.121 36.331.921 -20,22
United States 3.138.761 8.387.839 7.720.119 8,65
Japan 3.299.729 7.188.688 5.110.962 40,65
Germany 1.186.033 4.351.340 3.946.275 10,26
Bristain 667.786 1.654.388 1.364.922 21,21
Canada 475.978 1.542.437 1.115.137 38,32
France 443.198 1.406.804 1.697.694 -17,13
Australia 345.426 1.343.035 1.010.924 32,85
Korea 540.591 1.204.066 954.907 26,09
Netherlands 321.408 1.188.958 1.205.866 -1,40
Poland 621.242 1.056.931 745.051 41,86
Spain 370.423 944.801 657.630 43,67
Sweden 288.452 754.882 524.472 43,93
Taiwan 356.610 735.264 765.735 -3,98
Belgium 292.112 706.031 477.042 48,00
Russia 246.289 696.206 2.655.096 -73,78
Italy 280.906 675.831 688.582 -1,85
Denmark 71.130 415.547 524.152 -20,72

Based on the experience from the corporate , investment in the designing , materials , skilled workforce and research organization market trends , enterprises handicrafts sector has expanded EU exports to the door – the famous market hard.

Businesses said designing large role , accounting for 30-50 % of the successful purchase of entering this market . Besides designing product is the main factor leading EU market , it is necessary to combine the unique concept of the design with desired color , the cost of consumers . Design should follow product collection will be replicated more . Is the investment not only in color , but also create quality products friendly to the environment . More importantly , businesses need to locate the product lies in how to segment the corresponding price …

Design product design is “key ” to help businesses vietnam handicraft industry into other EU markets . The EU itself is also a traditional market and the importance of the arts and crafts industry when Vietnam ‘s export turnover to this market sector maintains a stable growth . For example , the first two months of 2014, the value of exports of handicrafts Vietnam into a strong market in volume over the same period , such as Germany reached 4.3 million, up 10.26 % ; Spain reached 944 thousand U.S. dollars, up 43.67 % ; Sweden 754.8 thousand U.S. dollars, up 43.93 % ….

According to Ta Hoang Linh , deputy director of the Department of Trade Promotion , Ministry of Industry and Trade : Design is very important issue for promoting export of handicrafts sector in Vietnam, but in general, the design capacity of industry is limited to the creation of products not yet clear , has not provided the strong export growth .

To support businesses , over time , the Trade Promotion Department has organized mentoring programs to help businesses understand the basic content of trends and how product development , branding . In particular, the Department is working with the British Council in Vietnam organized the creative design and marketing of handicrafts goods and interior Europe . This will be a good opportunity for businesses in the industry to learn the market trends and develop strategies suitable for export to the EU market in 2014.

To export handicraft products to the UK market , Vietnam enterprises should build its own product line , unique , convey information about the product . Design, product color changes also need to pay attention and follow the seasonal holiday of the year consumers ….


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