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Wood and wood products continued in the club earning over $ 1 billion
According to preliminary statistics of the GDC , exports of wood products in October reached 520.5 million, up 15.5 % compared with the previous month , raising exports the first 10 months of this item year to $ 4.3 billion , up 15.8 % compared to the same period last year .

In that wood products 365.4 million, up 19.7 % compared to September , raising exports of wood products 10 months to $ 2.9 billion , up 8.8 % compared to the same period in 2012 .

U.S. market remains the largest proportion of 36.5 % to reach $ 1.5 billion increased by 9.31 % over the same period . Despite its favorable geographical position in the freight but the Chinese market is second only to the United States , reaching U.S. $ 797.2 million , an increase of 33.06 % .

Among the TOP 10 market turnover in this period and exports wood products to the Korean market has strong growth , increasing by 47.23 % , reaching 263.9 million.

For the Cambodian market , exports of wood products from Vietnam to Cambodia modest , reaching only 8.1 million, but with the tremendous growth compared to May 10, 2012 , an increase of 369.36 % .

In addition to the aforementioned markets , exports of wood products in Vietnam and also to other markets such as the UK , Australia , Canada , Germany , Hong Kong , France , the Netherlands , …. are earning over $ 40 million .

Recently, Fair furniture and interior decoration Vietnam – Vifa Home 2013 took place at the Center developed and Tan Binh , Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art by households Woodworking Ho Chi Minh City ( HAWA ) organization function .

Fair has attracted the participation of 94 enterprises with 436 booths showcasing products and indoor furniture , outdoor furniture from the living room , dining room , bedroom , kitchen , garden furniture , living to the hotel …. interior products such as curtain , fabric , picture frames , sculptures , vases , wall paper , furniture handicrafts (vietnam handicraft) , ceramics , lacquer and architecture consulting services , design construction interior decoration .

Expo furniture and interior decoration Vietnam 2013 is an opportunity for manufacturers , distributors , and retailers of furniture and interior decoration to meet, exchange and cooperation in the production and consumption marketing of products . This is an opportunity for businesses to promote domestic furniture brand , introducing quality products widely to distributors and consumers . In addition, participating Vifa Home 2013 enterprises not only confirms the brand to consumers in countries where there is practical action to protect the domestic market in Vietnam goods ahead of ASEAN integration in 2015


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