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Timber exporting to China, South Korea soars

In the first 11 months of the year , except for the German market and the market fell 16.54 % France 3.24 % decrease over the same period in 2012 , exports of timber and timber products to the major markets mostly rose strong growth . The U.S. market increased 10.26 % , China 34.64 % increase , rising 20.97 % Japan , South Korea increased 45.23 % … compared with the same period last year .

Estimated value of wood imports in December reached $ 249 million , bringing the total value of wood imports in 2013 reached 1.68 billion U.S. dollars, up 23.5 % compared with 2012. In particular , imports of timber from Laos market accounted for 25.5 % , U.S. 13.7 % , and China accounted for 12.5 % of total import value of this item .

Mr. Nguyen Ba Ngai , Deputy Director General of Forestry ( MARD ) said : One of the large knots of the wood processing industry today is the source material . Although the export value of wood as well as wood products in Vietnam increased rapidly but the raw materials depends heavily on imports .

Specifically , since the supply of domestic raw wood does not meet the quantity, quality and types for industrial processing of wood furniture products for export , so the wood processing enterprises have to import lumber , logs , the artificial boards continued to increase during the period 2007-2012 , with an average growth rate of 12.1 % / year . In 2012, imports of wood and wood products turnover of $ 1.5 billion , up 10.1 % compared to 2011 .

In the long term , to remove difficulties for the wood processing industry , Mr. Nguyen Ba Ngai said the restructuring scheme under the forestry sector , the future direction of the industry will focus on building material supply areas centralized data center associated with woodworking and furniture ; sustainable management and efficient production of total forest area is 8.4 million hectares is planned ; implementation of afforestation measures and exploit to form effective alternative timber forests NK …