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The export turnover to Japan fell by slightly

Goods exported to the Japanese market is very diverse , abundant , including four group turnover of over $ 100 million in January include: Textiles 228.41 million, accounting for 18.59 % trog total turnover transport 169.58 million, accounting for 13.8 % of crude oil 145.8 million, accounting for 11.87 %, machinery , equipment , spare parts U.S. $ 111.99 million , accounting for 9 , 11 % .
Overall, in the first months of this year the majority of goods exported to Japan decline in value over the last month of 2013 is remarkable group of agro-forestry products , fishery declines , such as export seafood to Japan fell 15.71 % to U.S. $ 87.34 million ; timber fell 19.17 % to U.S. $ 67.76 million ; rubber fell 10.52 % to 2.63 million, down 6 cashews , 85 % , reaching 1.01 million ; cassava exports fell 37.57 % to 0.42 million. However, pepper goods exported to Japan , although turnover is not very big , only 2.28 million, but increased 73.14 % over the last months of 2013.

Vietnam and Japan are maintaining and developing relationships very nice, the two governments have also created a legal framework favorable to serve the business community of the two countries . About Japanese companies have reaffirmed their determination to expand investment and business in Vietnam .
In particular , Vietnam and Japan are members negotiating the Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership ( TPP ) . Agreement was signed will open up huge opportunities for businesses in Vietnam, because Vietnam goods , especially agricultural products , aquatic products , are popular in Japan . Vietnam’s seafood supply is the 5th largest material for the Japanese market . However, most of the items of Vietnam remains a very small proportion of the total imports of Japan .
In fact , at present , Japan is tightening control on quality of some agricultural commodities in the group , Vietnam ‘s seafood . For example, how to avoid insect preservation invade Vietnam goods have yet to meet the requirements and does very little fruit of our country receive the certificate import of Japanese authorities . In addition, shrimp exports to Japan are faced trade barriers , especially for antibiotic residues . However, Vietnam needs to do specific jobs , even struggling with the Japanese authorities so that they do not cause difficulties in creating trade barriers .
To overcome difficulties , export processing enterprises should focus on exports to ensure compliance with the standards and requirements of the local market . Accordingly , the application can check the way with the help of the Japanese side of quality seafood right in raising stage … In addition, Vietnam needs to develop joint business network between the enterprises with the ability to create good quality products , competitive price with Japanese enterprises are beginning to distribute products that


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