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Exports of rattan , bamboo , sedge growth continues

According to statistics from the Vietnam GDC , commodity exports rattan, bamboo , sedge and carpet exports in August reached 20.4 million, up 0.7 % compared with July , raising exports items from the first year until the end of August to U.S. $ 147.7 million , up 6.1 % compared to the same period last year .

This item of Vietnam still attractive to the market prefer to use home appliances, furniture traditions such as Japan, Russia , Australia …

It is worth noting that the United States – a market with no small appeal to all agricultural products , vietnam handicraft – are leading importer of quality rattan country with a turnover of over 34 , $ 5 million , an increase of 34.18 % compared with 23.3 % market share and exports of Vietnam .

Currently, Vietnam has more than 720 villages rattan processing in total 2,017 villages and over 1,000 companies trading commodities . The number of workers attracted to the bamboo and rattan sector amounted to 342 thousand employees . With many outstanding advantages such as availability of raw materials , abundant human and tradition , Vietnam has the ability to completely dominate the market rattan world .


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