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Asean sẽ trở thành khu vực sản xuất thực phẩm cho toàn cầu

Asean will become the manufacturing sector for the global food
EU expected Asean will afford food production for the global market if can develop safety standards .

Antonio Berenguer , head of trade issues and economic delegation of the European Union , said the Asean has become one of the largest food supplier to the world market , develop food safety management products is necessary to ensure sustainable export growth .

The European Commission is conducting a workshop organized for 60 officials from 10 ASEAN countries on the management of food safety crisis in Bangkok .

Patrick Deboyser adviser ‘s Directorate-General for Health and Consumers of the European Commission , said a number of natural crises such as the avian flu outbreak and tsunami affecting food safety and food security . What importers and exporters must be prepared to ensure food safety management .

Asean , is one of the largest food supplier in the world , need more action to strengthen cooperation on food safety as well as further research on international standards from the EU .

With the prospect of food supply capacity of ASEAN , the Thai poultry or vegetables will not face difficulties in entering the market EU or other countries if well organized and safety management products .

After the EU banned imports of foods from Thailand in a few months , the country is expected to export 16 kinds of vegetables to Europe in 5 groups this year by developing food safety standards from farming to food packaging .

Thailand is expected to export fresh chicken to the EU immediately after the EU lifted the protective measures against bird flu , since the disease recurrence in this country for 3 years . Salvatore Magazzu , an executive at the Health Authority and the EC consumers , has said that the EU is considering lifting a ban or reduced for Thai chicken .

Asean will become a new plant producing food for the European Union and the global marketplace , China replaces Japan after the natural disaster in these countries , if countries in the region can develop safety standards to meet the needs of consumers .


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