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$ 1 billion fertilizer imports in 2013

According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development , Vietnam will spend about $ 1 billion for fertilizer imports in 2013 , down from the previous year . Theoretically Vietnam will not need to import urea production plants for domestic consumption exceeded .



Estimated that nearly 2.5 million imported fertilizer , 100,000 tons of NPK fertilizer , 570,000 tons of DAP , 850,000 tons of fertilizer and 950,000 tons of potash SA .



Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Vietnam predicted this year over 10.3 million tonnes need fertilizer , up 5 % compared with 2012. Among them , the amount of 2 million tons of urea , 950,000 tons of potash , 3.8 million tons of NPK fertilizer , fertilizer SA 850,000 tons , 900,000 tons of DAP and 1.83 million tons of phosphate fertilizers .



The data show that in 2012, Vietnam imported about 4 million tons of fertilizer . 2011 Vietnam imported 4.4 million tons of fertilizer imports $ 1.8 billion , up nearly 25 % in volume and 51 % in value compared with 2010 .



2013 , the plant in water for approximately 8 million tons of fertilizer , which contains 3.7 million tons of NPK , 1.8 million tons of phosphate fertilizers , 2.2 million tons of urea , 330,000 tons of DAP . Thus the amount of phosphate fertilizer and NPK type has basically meet the domestic demand . For urea , Vietnam has to import water from a fertilizer is now fully sovereign and even surplus for export in 2013.



However, the fertilizer factory in the country will face difficulties from victims fertilizer import quota , tax evasion goods , imports exceeded market demand … makes control difficult and unfair competition .



Government has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to review the capacity of domestic fertilizer production , fertilizer imports and demand for market forecasts , giving solutions to ensure balance of supply and demand fertilizer for the winter-spring season 2012 – 2013 and 2013.



Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development said that the import and production of fertilizers will be decided by the market in the near future. Accordingly , the state should eliminate input subsidies to bring the price of fertilizer operation in accordance with the law of supply and demand .