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ANZ : Vietnam will grow 5.5 % in 2014

ANZ hopes the government began to focus on building infrastructure to support growth and increase yields .
ANZ Bank recently released a report titled ” Asia in 2014 : Promises , Promises ” ( roughly translated : Asia 2014 : Promises and promises ! ) . This is a report published monthly update of the situation emerging economies in Asia , including Vietnam .

Accordingly , ANZ said the emerging economies of Asia ended in 2013 with the main issue unresolved : torn between real prospects of the economy is improving ( to attract capital flows ) and scenario forecasts for the U.S. Federal reserve ( Fed ) withdrawing quantitative easing program that unstable capital flows , investors want to withdraw funds.

However, ANZ confident that capital flows will not be drawn as it is a massive worry . The main reason is because there are clear signs that the balance of payments of India and Indonesia have become more stable . This reduced the role of the domestic currency in finding a new equilibrium through currency devaluation .

Commenting on the economic outlook in 2014 , ANZ said Vietnam will only stable but progressing slowly . The banking sector still has to solve the problem of high bad debt ratio .

ANZ forecasts Vietnam’s GDP will grow 5.5 % in 2014. Domestic demand should remain under pressure with high NPL ratio and low credit growth . However, ANZ hopes to focus government started the construction of infrastructure to support growth and increase yields .

Average inflation in 2014 is forecast at 7.5 to 8 % . Construction of infrastructure projects will also put pressure on prices and increased import demand .

ANZ forecasts the central bank kept interest rates kept refinancing at 7 % by the end of 2014. Credit growth remains sluggish amid VAMC slow progress in dealing with the structural problems of the banking system



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