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The 2nd ASEAN Food & Handicrafts 2013 breathes new life into Vietnam Handicrafts

The 2ND ASEAN FOOD AND HANDICRAFT 2013 was taken in STOCKHOLM in 21 September 2013.

The Embassy of Malaysia in Stockholm, Sweden co – organized with ASEAN embassies in Stockholm the 2nd ASEAN Food and Vietnam Handicraft 2013 at the Embassy of Malaysia and the Embassy of Thailand on Saturday, 21 September 2013. The Embassy of Malaysia and the Embassy of Thailand were respectively the hosts to celebrate the promotion of handicrafts and tourism and the opening ceremony, food promotion and cultural performances.
The group of ASEAN embassies in Stockholm consisted of embassies of Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Thailand.
People could join in not only fun activities of demonstration of traditional handicrafts, cultural performances and savouring of traditional foods and fruits but lucky draws at the stalls of the respective embassies as well. The event was a success event filled with around 200 people enjoying themselves to the singing, dancing and other activities.
The 2nd ASEAN Food and Handicraft 2013 has further promoted Malaysia to the Swedish public and instilled the spirit of friendship, solidarity and cooperation among ASEAN embassies and communities in Stockholm.

It would be a good opportunity to taste different foods from the ASEAN Embassies and to buy various kinds of handicrafts from ASEAN member countries. This must have been a better chance for all the Asean countries to devolop their handicrafts industry


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