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Export Handicrafts: Lack of a big strategy

It’s known that since 2010 up to now,  the speed of export vietnam handicraft growth has decrease compared with previous years. What is the reason to come to that problem?

In these three years, the big picture of the Export Handicraft Industry has little bright light. Though in the period of 2000 – 2009, the total export turnover of this industry always reached high rate, since 2010 up to now, the export turnover of the handicraft industry has been increasing annually with the half speed compared with the same term in the previous years.

It is estimated that Viet Nam has many foregin customers with the import partners from EU, Japan, China, Vietnam and so on. However, we have a big trouble with the inhouse manufacturer , the price of input materials increasing dramatically leads to the low competition. Therefore, the speed of handicraft growth has decrease drastically. The number of export handicrafts is 1,5 billion USD, though,  it’s estimated that number  hasn’t worth the capility of handicraft manufacture.  This number can be changed positively if there’s any profitable investment.

If we expect the increase  of the export handicraft growth, we need to follow these conditions: first of all is a effective mechanism and the strong of Vietnam Business internal foreces.


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